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We Are Moving!

It is with great pleasure that we announce that in March 2020, LouCouPsych will be moving to its own office suite, located just a few minutes from our current office. Our new office will have 4 clinical offices, 1 group therapy/Spravato administration room, and our own private bathroom. The move has been overdue for some time now, as the great support that we have received from the community has forced us to look for our own space, as well as with a bit more room. While we are sad to be giving up our beautiful water view, we will continue to have natural sunlight in the clinical rooms, as well as providing all the amenities that have become part of coming to LouCouPsych, including coffee and drinks, snacks, and a progressive waiting room soundtrack.

We are also excited as this allows us an opportunity to continue to expand and grow our practice and the services that we can provide to the community. We are looking forward to growing our team, with potential additions of another therapist and psychiatrist, as well as some very progressive and integrative providers who can help with furthering our mission statement, "Helping you become the best version of you". As stated above, we are also excited to be able to have a dedicated room for Spravato administration and monitoring, as well as for group therapy, which has been the number one most requested service that we were just not able to structurally accommodate previously. Rachel and Ellie have been gearing up and excited to start to provide group therapy services for some time now.

Lastly, we are also ever grateful to Dr. Lindsey Hoskins & Associates for allowing us an opportunity to share a space within their gorgeous office suite, and look forward to continue to maintain that working relationship going forward to serve the community. We have been waiting for this for a while now, and we are all very excited for this coming opportunity, as well as strengthening our ties to the community!

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