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The LouCouPsych Scholarship

It is with great pleasure that we formally introduce the one thing that we are perhaps the most proud of creating, The LouCouPsych Scholarship. This scholarship is intended for a local high school student going off to college in the next year, and we are accepting entries now.

I have always felt that education is one of the most important gifts that one can receive, and one of the greatest tools that we have to better ourselves, our families, and our communities; I thank my parents that of all the things they gave me, this was the most important and valuable. In a time where the price of pursuing that goal is becoming more of a barrier, I wanted to be able to help bring that down a bit and help our future leaders, hence the establishment of this scholarship.

For entry, we are opening this up to high school students from the Virginia/DC/Maryland area going off to college. We are requesting an essay be written with the focus on the importance of mental health awareness in today's society. The essays will be reviewed by the team members at LouCouPsych, and a winner will be chosen by the team. The funds raised will be given to the winner for use towards their education. LouCouPsych will match donations (up to $5000). Entries are due by April 30, and winner will be chosen shortly after. Please submit all entries to

For donors, we are accepting donations via GoFundMe; we are a registered 501(c)(3) organization, so all donations are tax-deductible and considered charity.  Thank you so much for your contributions to this dream of mine, and for our youth and future. We look forward to being able to give back to the community that has welcomed us since the day we opened our doors.

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