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Dr. Sulman Aziz Mirza, MD


In-person and Telehealth


Virginia and Maryland


Dr. Sulman Aziz Mirza, MD is a triple Board Certified psychiatrist, with expertise in Psychiatry, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, and Addiction Medicine. He completed his Psychiatry Residency at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia, and his Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship at the University of Maryland and Sheppard Pratt Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland.


Dr. Mirza has had the privilege to work in a variety of settings, from inpatient psychiatric units with medical capabilities to the classrooms of Baltimore City public schools. He has learned from some of the leaders and pioneers in the field of psychiatry, and his experiences have allowed him to develop a deep understanding of neuropsychiatric conditions in both children and adults.


Dr. Mirza's unique experience as a child and adolescent psychiatrist provides a valuable perspective when working with adult patients, as he understands how early experiences can affect an individual's mental health later in life. Additionally, his board certification in Addiction Medicine allows him to understand individuals struggling with addiction better and be non-judgmental in his approach.


Dr. Mirza is knowledgeable and experienced with the latest pharmacological interventions and therapy modalities. However, he believes that every individual is different and seeks care for a unique reason. His practice is based on the belief that each person deserves the same respect and treatment that he would demand for himself.


Dr. Mirza is available by appointment only

He is accepting patients on a case-by-case basis only at this time


Dr. Mirza sees adults only at LouCouPsych. He sees children and adolescents at the Inova Kellar Center-Loudoun office; please call 703.218.8500, follow the intake prompts, and ask for your child to work specifically with Dr. Mirza at the Loudoun office.

Medication management - Initial evaluation appointment is $495

Medication management - Transfer of care appointment is $295

Medication management - Follow up appointments are $195

Suboxone - Initial evaluation and induction appointment is $300

Suboxone - Transition from another provider is $275

Suboxone - Monthly follow up appointments are $200

Spravato - please read blog entry before contacting

Independent psychiatric evaluations - please contact for estimate

To book today, please call Dr. Mirza at 571.339.5435

or email at :)

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