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Psychiatric Services

When considering treatment of various mental health concerns, medication is a potential option. Getting help from a psychiatrist, a medical doctor who specialized in the field of psychiatry, is the best available option. Dr. Sulman Aziz Mirza, MD provides evaluations and treatment for psychiatric services such as depression and anxiety; Dr. Mirza also has a special interest in Adult ADHD (attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder), one of the most commonly misunderstood psychiatric disorders that impacts millions in ways that we never thought of before. Dr. Omer Haroon, MD has recently joined our practice and specializes in working with adults with various mental health conditions, and brings years of experience from some of New York's most prestigious institutions. 

Therapy Services

Considered the original mental health treatment, talk therapy has been shown over and over to be just as if not more effective than medication therapy alone. Therapy and counseling is provided by licensed clinicians with years of training and experience to help clients navigate through some of the most challenging moments in life. At LouCouPsych, we are blessed to have Rachel Enghauser, LCSW, Ellie Moran, LPC, Dawn Gallagher, LPC, and Jo-Ann Schaaf, MS (resident-in-counseling) who bring decades of combined experience working in various settings to meet all of your various therapeutic needs, from adolescents to older adults, from individual to couples to parent training to group therapy. 

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Addiction Services

Addiction has been one of the most misunderstood and most highly stigmatized conditions in the world, which has unfortunately led to the loss of millions of lives. LouCouPsych was founded with the intention of breaking that stigma and being a source of hope where others may push you away. Dr. Mirza pursued an additional Board Certification in Addiction Medicine, Dr. Haroon is also certified to treat opioid use disorder; Dawn Gallagher has also worked in facilities with a focus on substance abuse recovery. Dr. Mirza and Dr. Haroon utilize medication assisted treatment (MAT) for treatment of opioid use disorder via buprenorphine (Suboxone), and alcohol use disorder via The Sinclair Method; this combination of services provided makes LouCouPsych especially unique. 

Spravato Treatment

Approved by the FDA in the Spring of 2019, Spravato (intranasal esketamine) for Treatment Resistant Depression has been a tremendous success and a game changer for those struggling with the intractable grip of depression, as well as the frustrations associated with multiple failed medication trials. LouCouPsych was the first Certified Spravato Healthcare Clinics in Loudoun County, and continues to offer this tremendously unique and life-saving treatment. Read more about Spravato, and see real life unfiltered results and feedback from patients who have gone through the treatment protocol. 

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