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Supports for The Sinclair Method

The Sinclair Method is one of the approaches we use at LouCouPsych for treating alcohol use disorder. One of the requests from patients has been finding additional supports and/or information, and potentially a community of people to help work through it. Dr. Mirza is proud to announce an affiliation with Thrive Alcohol Recovery, an online community providing courses and coaching specifically designed for individuals going through The Sinclair Method.

From Katie Lain, one of the founders: "Thrive Alcohol Recovery is the only comprehensive online program that specializes exclusively in the use of The Sinclair Method (TSM) as a harm reduction approach to alcohol use disorder (AUD). TSM is a medication assisted therapy that works over time to reverse AUD on a neurological level. This method has been clinically-proven to have a 78% success rate, and when followed correctly, most patients report a substantial reduction in their drinking, fewer alcohol cravings and more frequent alcohol-free days. Thrive offers a “whole-person” approach to TSM by guiding people through the biological, psychological and spiritual aspects of changing one’s relationship with alcohol. We do this through a private, online program and community that includes access to evidence-based tools such as CBT, motivational interviewing and peer support. The program is accessible from anywhere, anytime through a computer or mobile app, and offered to people worldwide. Thrive was co-founded by Katie Lain and Karen Dion who both had personal success with overcoming alcohol use disorder through The Sinclair Method, and have since coached and mentored hundreds of others through this protocol. Change your relationship with alcohol, change your life."

Please note, LouCouPsych has an affiliate agreement with Thrive Alcohol Recovery, and will receive a financial referral bonus.

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