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The Harm Reduction Gap, with Dr Sheila Vakharia, PhD MSW

Join us in this enlightening conversation with Dr. Sheila Vakharia, PhD MSW, as we dive into the crucial topic of harm reduction and explore the insights from her groundbreaking book, "The Harm Reduction Gap." This episode sheds light on the limitations of traditional addiction treatment and drug prevention methods, advocating for a more inclusive approach towards individuals with substance use disorders.

Discover the essence of harm reduction strategies that prioritize safety and community well-being, offering alternatives to abstinence-only models. Dr. Vakharia expertly critiques the dominant "Just Say No" messages and abstinence-only approaches, emphasizing the need for low-threshold and low-barrier care that accepts non-abstinence treatment goals. We also discuss the importance of decriminalizing drug use and the equipment associated with it to foster a safer environment for everyone involved.

Learn about the various policy options available that align with harm reduction principles and how they can bridge the large gap in our current approach to drug use. Whether you're interested in supporting substance use recovery, looking for alternatives to abstinence, or curious about the impact of decriminalizing drug use, this episode is packed with invaluable insights.

Don't miss this comprehensive review of harm reduction and its role in transforming the landscape of addiction treatment and drug policy. Subscribe to our channel for more discussions that challenge conventional views and promote innovative solutions in the realm of mental health and substance use recovery.

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