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Women's Group Starting November 2!

We will be starting our Women's Group (Online) on November 2, and are currently accepting clients to start this cycle. Led by Dawn Gallagher, LPC, the group will be online via Google Meet on Tuesday evenings from 6:30-8pm, with an 8 week curriculum, with a sequential and structured psychoeducation curriculum, focusing on strengths, processing, as well as practicing appropriate interventions.

Per Dawn, "Have you ever wondered what your strengths are and how they can help you move towards a more meaningful life? Research has shown that two thirds of people are unaware of their strengths, but that all people have positive traits they can use to empower them to overcome obstacles, reduce stress, and live a more meaningful life (Linley, 2008, Niemiec, 2017). If you are interested in finding out what is right with you and you want a safe place to explore your true self with a group of other women then please join us."

The cost of the group will be $90/session, or a single lump sum payment of $600 (savings of $120). For joining, please use the "Message us" button below, or contact us via email at

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