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Welcome to Our Newest Psychiatrist, Dr. Omer Haroon, MD!

We are extremely pleased to announce an addition that has been years in the making, our newest psychiatrist, Dr. Omer Haroon, MD! Dr. Haroon comes to LouCouPsych from New York, having worked on the inpatient psychiatric units at esteemed institutions throughout the state, and brings a wealth of experience working with seriously mentally ill adults patients. Dr. Haroon is currently working at one of the state hospitals in Virginia, but is excited to be joining LouCouPsych as he begins his medication management clinic.

Starting July 20, Dr. Haroon will be seeing general psychiatry adult patients on Tuesday evenings via in-person or telemedicine visits. In the future, Dr. Haroon will be able to see patients for medication assisted treatment with buprenorphine products, as well as working alongside Dr. Mirza in Spravato treatment. For more information, please contact us using Klara below, or the button below.

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