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Overdose Prevention in the Opioid Crisis Through Harm Reduction

In this episode, Dr. Sulman Aziz Mirza, a triple-board-certified psychiatrist, hosts Stephen Murray, the Harm Reduction Program Manager at Boston Medical Center. Stephen's unique professional and personal experiences provide a rich perspective on the field of harm reduction, addiction treatment, and the opioid crisis. Stephen Murray is not only a respected figure in harm reduction but also a recently retired paramedic with lived experience as a person who used drugs and overdose survivor.

Throughout this conversation, we delve into crucial topics such as explaining what harm reduction is and is not, the changing attitudes within the medical community, the impact of naloxone (Narcan) in overdose prevention, and much more. Stephen also sheds light on the intersectionality of mental health and substance use disorders and the importance of addressing social determinants of health in harm reduction efforts.

This episode is a must-listen for mental health professionals, individuals impacted by substance use, and anyone interested in understanding the complexities of working in this field. Subscribe for more conversations with leaders in the mental health field, and don't forget to share with those who could benefit from this discussion!

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