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Introducing Group Therapy at LouCouPsych!

After COVID changed our initial plans, we are pleased to announce that we are finally able start one of our most highly requested services, group therapy! When we moved into our new office before the COVID pandemic, there was a specific room that was set aside for group therapy; as we are moving towards reopening as a society, we are excited to be able to put that room towards its intended use. With the addition of Steven B. Singer to the staff, who brings decades of experience with group therapy with him amongst numerous disciplines, we are more prepared than ever to be able to meet this need for the community.

At this time, we are planning to start to offer three specific in-person groups: an Adult Substance Use Disorders Group, an Adult Depression and Anxiety Group, and an Adolescent Depression and Anxiety Group. Group therapy is designed to support medication management, individual or family psychotherapy, or as a stand alone service. The groups will be open, meaning that group members are able to join and leave the group as desired (no specific scheduled blocks of weeks/cycles). The focus will be on CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) strategies to work through the specific group's objective. Groups will have a maximum capacity of 12 participants with a minimum of 3; groups will meet weekly for up to 90 minutes. Each group member will be assessed individually by the group leader in order to determine goodness of fit, as well as provide appropriate informed consent and expectations for group therapy.

For any additional questions, please contact us and we will get back to you with additional information as soon as possible. We are very excited to be able to offer this service, as well as offering more groups in the future!

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