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COVID-19/Coronavirus Updates

Update regarding LouCouPsych and COVID-19/coronavirus as of March 26, 2020: In accordance with Governor Northram's decree, as well as our own clinical judgment, we have been putting a halt to in-person appointments at LouCouPsych until we receive word from above to resume, and again, our own clinical judgment. We have been and will continue to utilize our telepsych platform in order to maintain our appointments from the safety of our own homes/offices. We have been using for telepsych since the practice opened, and it has been used to good effect. We will continue to use it during this time, and accessing the virtual waiting room will be via the link Recently, Klara is now utilizing the same technology, so if easier, please be in the Klara app at the time of your appointment, and we will start the visit from there. We may also utilize Google Meet if necessary as a backup. For those who have not used it, all you need is a laptop, tablet, or phone with a camera and microphone, and going to the link, and you will be all set. For patients who normally need to come in to provide a sample, we are waiving that requirement at this time and will have a visit as above, online. For those who are coming in for Spravato treatments, please message us if you would like to continue with it at this time, or wait; Dr. Mirza will be in office regardless to administer and monitor, but again, if you are unwell in any way, shape, or form, we can postpone. As the situation changes, we will change accordingly. Your health and safety is our utmost importance at this time, and understand everyone's concerns, but want to ensure to be able to continue delivering the care you have come to expect from us as a team. Thanks, and let us know!

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