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Dr. Pranav Reddy, MD


Presenting Dr. Pranav Reddy, a distinguished board-certified psychiatrist who joins our team with a wealth of expertise. Completing his psychiatry residency training at Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, Virginia, Dr. Reddy's journey has equipped him with a diverse skill set.

Throughout his training, he navigated various healthcare settings, spanning from inpatient units to outpatient clinics. Dr. Reddy is well-versed in evidence-based treatment modalities, ensuring he is equipped to address a broad range of mental health conditions. However, his commitment goes beyond clinical proficiency.

Dr. Reddy places paramount importance on building a strong therapeutic alliance, taking time to address questions and concerns. This empathic approach underscores his dedication to offering compassionate care. With every patient encounter, he brings a respectful and understanding demeanor, making individuals feel truly heard and valued. Dr. Pranav Reddy is not just a psychiatrist; he's an integral member of our team, committed to transforming lives through comprehensive and considerate care.






Dr. Reddy is available by appointment only

He is accepting adult patients currently

Medication management - Initial evaluation appointment is $425

Medication management - Transfer of care appointment is $295

Medication management - Follow up appointments are $195

To book today, please call Dr. Reddy at 571.339.5435

or email at :)

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